Editorial Notebook

Why not contribute to The Poly?

Did you know that you don’t need to be an editor on our staff to have your work published? Remember, if you are a member of the RPI community, The Poly is your media organization! We are always open to printing something that is submitted to us. Since we are returning to a weekly printing schedule starting next week (1/28), now is the perfect time to consider doing just that. If you feel we aren’t covering something going on, wherever that may be, more than likely the only reason we haven’t published content on it is because we didn’t have anyone to write about it.

If you find it interesting, most likely others will too. A few things we’d love to have, but are not limited to, include: reviews of film, games, music or other media, investigative journalistic pieces on campus goings-on; articles about what your club, team, group, etc. are doing or even just about your organization in general—whatever it is you want to write about we want to publish it.

But your submissions don’t even need to be an article—it can be just about anything that we would be able to print on a physical paper or publish online on our website. If you have photographs of something that happened in the area, send them in! If photography isn’t your thing, maybe you’d enjoy drawing a cartoon or designing a puzzle for our comics section.

One of our goals for this semester is work towards getting content from other than just our editors, not because we are lazy and don’t want to write, but so that we can evolve The Poly to cover ideas, opinions, and events that we may not have presented previously, and we want you to be a part of that. Not only will we thank you endlessly for helping out, but you will get quite a bit out of it yourself, I promise. Because we make sure that everything submitted to us is properly credited to its author or creator, even if you don’t believe us now, you will eventually understand that great feeling when you see your name in print credited for your hard work along with the knowledge that nearly 6,000 people will also see your name and consume your published content.