Incident blotter: Rock music played on Union electronic carillon, burst pipe at ECAV

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Sunday, December 1

• Warren Hall

Petite Larceny: Caller stated cell phone, charger, camera, and guitar were stolen from room while caller was sleeping. Report also taken by TPD. On-call dean and DPS were notified. Victim stated that door was not secured and there are no signs of forced entry.

• Warren Hall

Petite Larceny: Caller reported laptop missing from room and could not remember if door was secured or not. There were no signs of forced entry. On-call dean and DPS were notified. Report also filed by TPD.

• Greene Building

Injury: Caller stated subject fell and suffered compound fracture to the knee. Subject transported to Samaritan by RPIA. On-call dean notified. Medical report on file.

Monday, December 2

• Rensselaer Union

Criminal Mischief: Caller stated that unknown persons accessed the roof of the Rensselaer Union, and tampered with the audible chime system. Caller states they hooked up a cell phone to trigger the system and play rock music. System has been dismantled. Caller requested DPS officer to file report of the incident.

• East Campus Athletic Village

Fire Alarm: Fire alarm activation received for ECAV 2000 level, stadium level indicated on panel. Cause was a water pipe that burst. Physical Plant paged and will contact a plumber and FLS to respond. On-call DPS notified. Allied Barton supervisor notified to obtain a guard for a fire watch on the stadium side of the facility until 8 am Tuesday morning.

Friday, December 6

• Student Union Parking Area

Car Accident: Employee hit by a vehicle. Victim transported by Troy Fire Department. TPD also on scene. E&SS notified.

• Sunset Terrace

Fire Alarm: Alarm caused by cooking smoke in third floor lounge area.

Saturday, December 7

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Fire Alarm: Panel indicated general fire alarm caused by cooking smoke. System cleared and reset by TFD.

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Fire Alarm: Fire alarm activation received for Caldwell stack. Cooking smoke in the kitchen area is the cause. Alarm reset by TFD.

• Houston Field House

Injury: Caller states that a student skating at the Field House tripped and fell causing nose to bleed. Subject was treated and transported to Samaritan by RPIA. On-call dean notified. Medical report on file.

• Rensselaer Apartment Housing Projects

Fire Alarm: Panel indicates fire alarm. Over-cooked popcorn is the cause. Reset by TFD.

Sunday, December 8

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Illness: Caller reported significant other complaining of abdominal pain. County was called. Transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPIA. Dean of Students notified.

Monday, December 9

• ’86 Athletic Field

Criminal Mischief: Caller states that unknown persons caused extensive damage to the lawn of the ’86 Field and the Science Center Quad by use of motor vehicle. Criminal mischief report filed.

Tuesday, December 10

• Rensselaer Union

Trespassing: Persona non grata order issued to a past student in the Rathskeller by Dean of Students and a trespass warning issued by DPS. Several complaints were made regarding this person viewing inappropriate material on his laptop and acting inappropriately in the Rathskellar.

Wednesday, December 11

• Bryckwyck Apartments

Fire Alarm: Alarm of fire. Cooking smoke was the cause. Reset per TFD. Alarm was reset by TFD.

• Colonie Apartments, Building C

Petite Larceny: Caller stated that unknown person did take a box of hard drives that were supposed to be delivered to him at Colonie C. Caller stated he checked with the post office and they delivered the package last Thursday, but did not receive it. Package was left at the front door of Colonie C. Report on file.

Thursday, December 12

• Jonsson Engineering Center

Injury: A person fell and was bleeding from the head. As per the sergeant, the subject apparently tripped on the curb at the JEC circle. Subject treated at the scene then transported to Samaritan via RPIA for further evaluation. The subject was on campus as a guest.

Sunday, December 15

• Polytech Apartments

Fire Alarm: Fire Alarm activation Polytech Apartments. Cause was cooking smoke. Alarm reset per TFD.

Tuesday, December 17

• Sage Dining Hall

Fire Alarm: Caller indicated a fire alarm on ground floor near east entrance. Cooking smoke was the cause for the alarm. Reset by TFD.

• Burdett Avenue Residence Hall

Petite Larceny: Caller reported bike stolen. Report completed.

• Stacwyck Apartments

Fire Alarm: Caller indicated a fire alarm on third floor. Heat detector tripped by blowing heat. FLS notified to check the condition and location of the heat detector. Residence Life notified.

• Colvin Circle

Fire Alarm: Fire alarm activation received for Colvin Circle. Sprinkler head was knocked off which was the cause. Physical Plant paged notified. FLS, plumber, and electrician notified for repairs. On-call dean notified. RA on scene and will contact Residence Life for students to stay the night elsewhere.

Thursday, December 19

• Rensselaer Union

Grand Larceny: Caller reported employee’s wallet was stolen. It is believed that it is on tape. TPD will be responding to complete a larceny report. Troy notified that the credit card was used at the Rite Aid. Grand larceny report on file. Investigation to continue.

Friday, January 3

• Robison Swimming Pool

Fire Alarm: Fire alarm activation in the women’s locker room closest to the pool. Building occupied and they were evacuated and moved to the gym area. RCSO notified and responded. Alarm was accidental and was cleared.

Saturday, January 4

• Robison Swimming Pool

Fire Alarm: Panel indicated a fire alarm activation in locker room 1112. FLS notified. Fire report completed.

Monday, January 6

• Burdett Avenue Residence Hall

Fire Alarm: Radiator leak which had set off the alarm due to steam and caused major water leak in several rooms. Physical Plant paged, info given to FLS. Water was shut off, alarm silenced, E&SS notified. Reset by TFD.

• Colvin Circle

Fire Alarm: General fire alarm activation from the alarm panel. Pipes broke and there was water all over. Sprinkler system was shut down by TFD. Physical Plant contacted.

Tuesday, January 7

• Beman Lane

Open Door: Officer while on patrol of Rensselaer Apartment Housing Projects, Burdett Avenue Residence Hall, Stacwyck, and Bryckwyck noticed a possible forced entry due to a door that is ajar. Completed a check of the area and spoke with the occupant. Everything appeared to be OK. Report filed.

Friday, January 10

• Stacwyck Parking Area

Injury: Officer notified desk that he fell on ice in the area of the Stacwyck injuring left leg. Employee injury report completed.

Tuesday, January 14

• Rensselaer Union

Larceny: Caller stated there is a suspicious person in the Bookstore and requested DPS assist. Subject was a white male with a beard and dressed in a red jacket/hoodie. Caller stated they witnessed him putting two books down his pants. Officers reported they have the suspect in custody, and requesting TPD response. TPD notified and enroute. Sergeant advised they were transporting the perpetrator to DPS to continue to await TPD response.

Friday, January 17

• Stacwyck Apartments

Fire Alarm: Fire alarm for first floor. TFD notified. It was cooking smoke, the panel was reset.

Saturday, January 18

• Barton Hall
Injury: 18 year old subject unable to move, unknown what the problem was. TFD notified. Call placed to Physical Plant. Patient transported to Samaritan by TFD.

Sunday, January 19

• Nugent Hall

Intoxication: County called stating an intoxicated subject in Nugent. TFD was dispatched. Patient was taken to Samaritan Hospital by Troy EMS. Patient stated they had two beers but was not feeling sick from that. All notifications were made.

Monday, January 20

• Burdett Avenue Residence Hall

Fire Alarm: Smoke detector activated the fire alarm. County was notified. Cooking smoke.

• Rensselaer Union

Illness: Caller states that there is a 20 year old subject on the third floor of the Student Union who vomited and had the chills and wanted to go to the hospital. Sergeant and RPIA dispatched. Subject transported to Samaritan. Medical on file. On-call dean notified.

• Bryckwyck Apartments

Illness: Caller stated that she had been vomiting and would like to go to the hospital. Sergeant and RPI Ambulance en route. Subject transported to Samaritan. DOSO notified.