Sharknado ridiculous fun, disastrous film

A FREAK TORNADO TRANSPORTS sharks across the length of Los Angeles. In other words, they didn’t want to be in this movie either.

I had high hopes for Sharknado. And I definitely got everything I was looking for and more. This was the movie that hit America by storm over the summer. It was all anyone on the news networks was talking about for months. Sharknado saw the pairing of the two hot shots in the bad movie business—Syfy and The Asylum. It was definitely a match made in heaven.

Unlike most of the movies produced by The Asylum, Sharknado was not simply a cheap rip-off of some blockbuster hit.

Someone actually had the idea of filming a movie where a large amount of sharks are swept up by a few tornadoes, and then subsequently wreak havoc on the California coast.

Then two big production companies went ahead and actually made it. I’m so glad that they did. Sharnado stars Ian Ziering as Fin Shepard, a washed up surfer that owns a bar on the ocean.

This movie has a grand total of two actors that I actually recognize from other works; one is Tara Reid and the other is John Heard, who played a one-off character in Battlestar Galactica.

This movie had so many scenes that made absolutely no sense, but were still the best things I’ve seen on screen.

Some of the best ones included: propane bombs, a pool explosion, a chainsaw, and the many reused shots of the “shark general.”

I don’t want to give too much away about those scenes because they are just something you have to see on your own.

They were some of the best things I’ve seen on film, and only because of how completely ridiculous they were.

The movie definitely didn’t take itself too seriously, and this haphazardness definitely shows in the final product.

When watching, keep an open ear for one of the characters yelling, “Looks like it’s that time of the month again!” from off-screen.

That was the best comedic line I’ve heard in a long time. Despite the fact that it sounded like it was added in post-production.

It’s hard to review a movie like Sharknado. I enjoyed it a lot, but not for any of the reasons one is supposed to. It has horrible acting, even worse visual effects, a terrible plot, and just about every other bad thing a movie could have going for it.

But as I said before, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead just brings you along for a ride. The ending was a real tearjerker and something I never saw coming.

That’s partially because it didn’t make sense, but I’m just going to call it a plot twist and be done with it.

Find some time on a Friday or Saturday night to just watch it.

Sit back with your family on Thanksgiving and give it a go. I’m sure that grandma would get a kick out of it.