Staff Editorial: Why don’t we shave in November?

Are you participating in No-Shave November? It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t, but do you know the real meaning behind this event? No-Shave November is held by the American Cancer Society to raise awareness of cancer. You would think that it is cruel to remind those in chemotherapy of what they don’t have—hair—but it isn’t like that. You actually spend the whole month forgoing shaving and waxing, and actually embracing your hair and letting it grow. And instead of spending money that usually goes to pay for hair care, you donate to help with the battle against cancer.

Since October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, November is the men’s answer to raising cancer awareness by growing facial hair. A lot of people associate No-Shave November with testicular cancer awareness, but, officially, that is actually in April. But don’t let that prevent you from being aware and educated about the effects of cancer. The Poly would like to remind you to do a check in the shower, ladies and gentlemen! A minute is all it takes.

So, while it is all fun and games looking at all the men with their scruffy beards and awesome mustaches, don’t forget about the true reason behind No-Shave November! It is not too late to participate—you have a half-month left. Join thousands of people around the globe to raise cancer awareness and stop shaving today!