Sheer Idiocy games entertain, enthuse

Last Friday, September 27, Sheer Idiocy had their first show of the semester. If you didn’t get a chance to catch some of it live, you missed out! Performing in Mother’s Wine Emporium, they put on fifteen acts, or games, over about two hours. The audience had quite a bit of fun with the show, giving the group words to use in their acts.

One of my favorite acts the troupe does is “Party Quirks.” In this game, an idiot, Savannah Dalton ’14 in this case, invites three friends, each with their own reactionary, physical, and mental quirk, each given by the audience. In the show on Friday, Luke Jones ’15 pretended to cry every time Dalton used her left hand, Brandon McLear ’15 was adhesive, and Kevin Turner ’14 believed that everyone was his partner. Dalton, through interacting with her guests, had to figure out what their quirks were. Hilarity ensued when, in pushing Turner away with her left hand for being touchy feely, Dalton made Jones bawl in what seemed like pain. These ridiculous situations are what made the games so funny.

Another game the group played was “Pan Left, Pan Right,” which involves four people standing in a square with a “director.” Each of the four members was given a word to play out a small skit with the person next to them. At any point in the skit, the “director” could call “pan left” or “pan right,” bringing the person in the back left or right forward, respectively, to play out their skit. This results in a fast paced act packed with clever lines. Fiona Kine ’16 and Turner acted out a window cleaning duo. Turner, terrified of heights, was continually harassed by Kine, until he pushed her off the scaffolding they were working on. The reaction on Turner’s face after pushing Kine off was priceless.

Later on in the show, idiots David Silverman ’14 and Turner acted out a hilarious skit in a game called “That Darn Clap.” A ‘director’ on the side can clap once or twice, forcing the member that just delivered a line to either change what they said or their body motions. This act was set in a parking lot, and Silverman was helping Turner get into his locked car. Turner, speaking with a Hispanic accent, offers Silverman salsa, which Silverman happily obliges by pouring it on the car lock. The scene ends after Silverman cleans the salsa off with his Windex shotgun from Walmart.

Sheer Idiocy always puts on an entertaining show. This come as no surprise, based on the amount of work that goes into practicing the games. They had me laughing the whole time. Their next show is this Saturday, October 19 in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Concert Hall at 7 pm. Don’t miss it!