Staff Editorial: Follow up on career fair leads

A couple of weeks ago, on our website, we encouraged proper preparation for the 35th Annual NSBE/SHPE Career Fair. Hopefully, a good number of you went to the fair, talked with company recruiters, and made a good first impression. Now, though, it’s important to follow up with each of these companies.

One of the most important next steps is maintaining the connections you made at the fair. If you happened to acquire business cards with contact information of various recruiters, send them an e-mail thanking them for their time and consideration. If you were not so lucky, make sure you visit the website of each company you’re hoping to work with. Some of these sites include information on what you should do next; others don’t. If a company’s site has an online application, fill it out—unless the recruiter at the fair specifically told you otherwise.

The internet provides a number of other opportunities to connect with businesses that were featured at the Career Fair as well as a number of others that chose not to send representatives. RPI’s Center for Career and Professional Development actually offers just such an opportunity via JobLink. Through it, you can upload your resume for public viewing—that is, companies that peruse the website can view your resume at any time. You can also search through a significant number of job listings, which you can tailor to your year, major, and the like. For more information, visit

Another opportunity is provided in the form of LinkedIn. Advertised as “the world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn allows users to set up a professional profile, which may include any information or credentials they wish to provide. Thousands of companies view the site on a regular basis, and connections made through this website can help you start that career you’ve always wanted. Additionally, for students, the site provides a means of connecting with RPI’s faculty and staff in a way that is meaningful to companies. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, visit to make one today.

Short of these opportunities, you can always visit company websites and apply, regardless of whether they were at the Career Fair. You can also visit the CCPD to get help with every step of the job-hunting process, from preparing for interviews to creating online profiles on the sites mentioned above. The job market can be tough, particularly for students. But, with some work and a little luck, you might be able to finally snag that job you’ve been looking for.