Editor’s Corner

Poly grateful for community involvment

As everyone who has been keeping up with The Poly recently can tell, we have been in some moderately dire straits. With financial setbacks, recruiting difficulties, and a struggle to remain relevant in an increasingly instant-information age, the paper has been struggling to maintain its identity and deliver quality news to the Rensselaer community. Many of you probably noticed our change in publication schedule and front-page letters from current and former staff members this past week asking for assistance.

The paper has received an outpour of support from the community, and for that I would like to thank everyone on behalf of the entire staff. In the past week, many people have submitted leads via our new submission address (leads@poly.rpi.edu). While we unfortunately do not have enough writers to cover all the tips, every e-mail we received is appreciated and will be kept in mind. We are working diligently to recruit more writers so that in the future we can cover every lead that is sent our way. Beyond that, we also received e-mails from many students and alumni, lending us advice and asking us to let them know if they could be of any assistance. For that, I thank everyone who e-mailed us; the staff at The Poly appreciates all contributions. With the help of the community the paper will once again flourish.

As many people have pointed out to us recently, The Poly is somewhat behind the times when it comes to delivering content to the RPI community.

Several other notes of interest, several of the features which we discussed in our staff editorial last week are now up and running. The Poly can now be found on Twitter at @RPIPoly. We plan on using this to do updates of when we print, special deals that may be found within our paper, breaking news, and other noteworthy topics. Of course, we have had suggestions to post any particularly interesting incident blotter events on there. We’ll see what we can do. We have also started to reuse our Facebook page, so people can keep up to date with the paper that way, too. The paper’s Reddit post last week was quite successful, generating discussion among the student body and giving The Poly plenty of things to think about. Some of the suggestions we received, and are looking into, involve publishing as a periodical on Kindle and other mobile platforms, and developing more of a multimedia presence.

On behalf of the entire Poly staff, thank you to everyone who gave us leads, offered assistance or advice, and took the time out to contribute to The Poly. As always, this is as much your newspaper as it is the staff’s. Feel free to contact me at editor@poly.rpi.edu with any comments or questions, or The Poly as a whole at poly@rpi.edu.