PSS: RPI DBF flies into third

DURING THE WEEKEND OF APRIL 19–21, RPI’S DESIGN/BUILD/FLY TEAM COMPETED in the 2013 AIAA/Cessna Aircraft Company/Raytheon Missile Systems Design/Build/Fly Competition flyoff. The team managed to achieve a score of 317.55, coming in third place overall, behind the University of California Irvine and San Diego State University. According to the AIAA Design/Build/Fly website, “Over 600 students, faculty, and guests were present. The weather was sunny and warm allowing for non-stop flying. Of the 186 official flight attempts, 95 resulted in a successful score divided among 54 teams. 12 teams successfully completed all three missions. The quality of the teams, their readiness to compete, and the execution of the flights continues to improve each year.” For more information about RPI’s team, visit