Interfraternity Council

IFC lauds Pi Lambda Phi

This week we would like to highlight the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. Pi Lambda Phi has 35 chapters in the US and Canada. It was founded at Yale, in the late 19th century, as the first non-sectarian fraternity, fighting to break away from the prejudices of race, religion, or creed. Pi Lambda Phi holds academia, athletics, community service, and friendship as the main pillars of its brotherhood.

The Institute’s NYKT chapter currently has 31 members. The fraternity’s house at 300 Pawling Avenue has been featured in Martin Brest’s Scent of a Woman and Micheal Hoffman’s The Emperors Club. The brothers tutor and volunteer at the local Youth Build chapter. Every week, they help young adults achieve their GED, write resumes, and apply to colleges, as well as act as mentors for those who need a role model in their lives. Soon, the brothers will be helping out on construction sites and continuing to assist in building low income housing for those less fortunate.

Every spring, Pi Lambda Phi puts on its annual Miss RPI Pageant. This year, Miss RPI will be held on Tuesday April 9 in DCC 308 at 7 pm. The pageant raises money for the fraternity’s national philanthropy organization, The Elimination of Prejudice. The Elimination of Prejudice, following the original ideas of Pi Lambda Phi, is a non-profit organization that creates community change by addressing the underlying differences between people that prevent progress and promotes a better understanding between people.

The brothers are not just involved with community service but also are active with the RPI community. They host a barbeque for faculty members in the summer and a Thanksgiving dinner for their alumni. In addition, they play football games every Super Bowl against other fraternities. The Pi Lambda Phi chapter at RPI excels in varsity and intramural sports, academics, and community service.

Upcoming events to expect include IFC general body meetings every Wednesday at 8:30 pm in DCC 337, the IFC March Madness basketball tournament on March 24 at 3 pm in the Alumni Sports and Recreation Center, Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala on April 6 at 6 pm in Revolution Hall, and Pi Lambda Phi’s Miss RPI Pageant on April 9 at 7 pm in DCC 308.