E-Board approves Jazz trip proposal for SUNY festival

Board also discusses club approval procedure; changed Constitution available on Flagship Documents

Hello again, RPI! I hope that everyone’s semester is progressing well, especially with Grand Marshal Week only a few days from now. This year’s GM Week Committee has been working extremely hard to plan events that will blow you away. Please see their website ( for a complete listing of events, programs, and activities that will take place next week!

I would like to remind everyone about the changes we are proposing to the Union Constitution that were highlighted in last week’s edition of the Poly. They were mostly organizational and grammatical in nature, but even so, they must be approved by you, the student body, during GM Week in order to take effect. A full version of the ballot question as well as a “tracked changes” version of the Constitution can be found here: Please take a moment to read them, and if you have questions I encourage you to forward them to myself or the Student Senate ( Don’t forget to vote next week!

In Executive Board news, last week was a quiet one around the Union, with only one organization coming to present a proposal before the Board. The Jazz Ensemble was looking to travel to SUNY Oneonta on April 20 to compete in a jazz festival. This item was included in budget requests for next year, and their participation in the event this year was approved by the E-Board. Discussion on the process for new club approval was also featured last week. With almost 220 organizations presently being supported by the Union, physical facilities (meeting rooms, storage spaces, etc) are becoming very hard to come by. As such, the E-Board would like to take some time during the remainder of the semester to analyze our current practices when it comes to approving new clubs to make sure that Union facilities and resources are being used to better the student experience. All new club proposals will be deferred until the beginning of next semester.

On Monday, I sent out the annual Union E-Board feedback survey to all officers of funded organizations. This anonymous survey provides the next President of the Union and me with valuable data to evaluate the Executive Board, find out and address areas in which we are falling short as representatives, and provide club opinions as to which E-Board members they would recommend for re-appointment to the Board next year. If you missed it, this survey can be found here: We welcome any comments, questions, or concerns that you might have!

As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding the Union budget or matters for the Executive Board, feel free to stop by or email me ( My normal office hours for this semester are at 6–8pm on Wednesday nights, although I am frequently in my office at other times and am happy to discuss anything that might come up. Have a great beginning to GM Week!