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Grand Marshal discusses future events

Hi, everyone! We are just a few days away from the kickoff of Grand Marshal Week 2013! The GM Week 2013 Committee is chaired by Will Schmitt ’13 who has phenomenally transformed this year’s celebrations into something that is unprecedented.

The upcoming GM Week is centered on the idea that there should be one location that represents the whole week’s festivities. After long discussions, the committee decided on the VCC North Lot (it will be impossible to miss if you go to class), and through the approval of the Provost, everything will happen in that area.

This year, the GM and PU elections are uncontested, but don’t let that fool you! Chuck Carletta ’14, GM candidate, has been part of the Student Senate for the past three years, and has tackled a number of Union Constitution and bylaw revisions. He is currently the Senate’s vice chair and has been involved in many organizations and student leader roles on campus. Gretchen Sileo ’13, the President of the Union candidate, has been part of both the Executive Board and Senate, and most recently chaired the Union Annual Report Committee. This committee is a joint Senate/E-Board committee that works on approving the Report for the next fiscal year. She has had a lot of experience in budgeting and club expenses. It is generally not expected for a candidate to run last minute, but it happened two years ago, and the race was very close.

Outside of the GM and PU elections, there are a number of contested races. The Class of 2015 election is surprisingly contested, with three people running for class president. I’m not entirely sure why this is happening, but is uncommon for the rising junior class to have three people running for the position.

Like always, the Class of 2016 elections are very competitive. We always see a lot of enthusiasm from our first-year students in running during GM Week; there is always creatively intense postering and competition between candidates! So far, these elections are looking exciting!

Lastly, we have one candidate running for a Graduate Class position­—something familiar to all of us. In general, graduate students focus on research and other things rather than student activities and student government. We see that students that attended Rensselaer as undergraduates tend to have an interest in the Graduate Class Council, but hopefully more decide to run between now and then.

GM Week Elections are the most exciting time of the year for all students—all of the free food, fun stuff to do, and of course the free mugs are what make GM Week an integral part of Rensselaer school spirit.

As always, please feel free to email me with questions and comments at gm@rpi.eduщ۬an email address that will no longer belong to me in a week!