Staff Editorial: Part time jobs for students

Due to the current state of the economy, many organizations on campus are facing reductions in funding. Groups are cutting back on expenses as budgets are decreasing, and program funding is being cut. Many students are feeling these effects; as the economy fails, so does a college student’s ability to earn.

Many of us at The Poly are experiencing these budget cuts and are scrambling to find additional work to supplement our tuition payments and that annoying need to eat food.

First, if you find yourself in need of a part-time job, start with the Center for Career and Professional Development website. The CCPD is a great resource for any and all job search advice. RPI’s Joblink website is a great beginning place for all job search inquiries; many students use the site as a resource for internships and full time careers post-college, but many business and companies will post jobs there if they are looking for part-time student work.

According to Colleen Lyons O’Byrne, the acting director of the CCPD, students looking for part time jobs is not new. Many students come to the center looking for a way to earn extra money while at school. The Center has a presentation that highlights many places on and off campus that are hiring. (Go to the CCPD website to find this presentation.) But, as O’Byrne pointed out to us, there is no one central location that will hold every job opportunity. “It is important for students to be resourceful,” says O’Byrne. Ask around in downtown Troy businesses. Network and connect with professors and friends. The more people you reach out to the easier your job search will be.

We at The Poly would like to encourage you to reach out to those around you. For example, research is a large source of funding for students at RPI. If you find a project or professor you are interested in, ask them to join their research team. You will gain valuable experience, and in some cases, a paycheck.

Additionally there are many odd jobs around campus, such as work with the Rensselaer Student Union as a building supervisor, or through Sodexo working as a food handler or caterer. RenXchange is always looking for capable students to cold call possible donors, and can be applied to online. All these positions provide stable employment that is flexible enough to fit into a busy college schedule.

We want to wish all of you out there good luck in your job search. It may seem daunting, even terrifying, and if you have had your work study cut and are doubting your ability to afford this expense school and eat food daily, you aren’t alone. There are many resources out there to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask.