Staff Editorial: Staff suggests Troy activities

Welcome to Troy! Many freshmen were able to explore the home city of RPI; but even with the welcome fest, many students fail to fully appreciate the wonders Troy has to offer. We at The Poly would like to make a shout-out to a few of our favorite places downtown.

Pastime Legends is a used video game store on 4th street. If you are ever bored and looking to do something with your evening, make the trek down to Troy and buy a cheap movie, or grab a cheap copy of that old Nintendo 64 game you like. Complete with a Simpsons arcade machine, Pastime legends can be the source of much entertainment.

Additionally, if you are particularly into the nerdier side of Troy, Aquilonia on Fulton Street has all the comic books your heart desires. Whether you’re looking for Magic cards, comic books, or both, Aquilonia offers a friendly atmosphere for those looking to up their nerdiness.

Finally, Foam Brain Games on the corner of State Street and 2nd Street offers a significant range of board games and has a healthy magic card selection. And on weekends, they allow customers to play board games for free. Run by RPI alum Andrew Zorowitz ’05, Foam Brain Games can provide hours of entertainment for students looking for something to do.

If you aren’t into board games, comic books, or Magic cards, downtown Troy has a fantastic bookstore on River Street. Market Block Books has a great selection and a very friendly atmosphere.

If you do find yourself on River Street, check out the wide variety of stores and restaurants that populate the area. From Beirut, the super delicious Lebanese restaurant, to the River Street Beat Shop, the best place to get old records and music, River Street hosts an eclectic and interesting mix of restaurants and stores.

By far, one of the most popular events in Troy is the weekly Farmers Market. Every Saturday morning, local businesses provide fresh food and the most delicious pesto you can find. (Seriously, check out the Buddha Pesto stand. It’s great).

The Poly staff enjoys visiting our downtown neighbors and believe that although it may be sketchy in places, the town has a lot to offer. Between the CDTA buses and the West Shuttle making frequent trips down the hill, going into downtown Troy does not have to end in a difficult hike back up the hill. So, before you graduate, we would like to encourage you to go out and explore the town you will be living in for the next few (or more) years!