Student Life

CCPD offers future graduates job advice

You’ve accepted a job … congratulations! There are many new and exciting changes that are coming your way. Here are a few suggestions from the Center for Career and Personal Development to help in making your first 90 days happy and successful. Good luck!

Before You Start:

Adjust Your Schedule: Start waking up and going to bed earlier to get your body used to the change.

Read the Offer Letter and Benefits Packet from HR: Try to understand the structure of the company, policies, and expectations before you go in. Understand your insurance, retirement, and other benefits you have before you need to utilize them. You don’t want to assume you have a particular coverage when, in reality, you do not.

Do a Test Run: Whether you drive or take public transportation, you may want to practice getting to work before your first day. It only took 20 minutes when you went to your interview, but that was mid-day without rush hour traffic. Plan ahead: seek alternate routes and allot extra time to walk from your car to your office and for your morning coffee stop.

Get an Organizer: Your phone calendar can only go so far. Bring a calendar or notebook (and a pen!) where you can write down ideas, meeting times, and other important information.

Getting Accustomed:

Schedule a Meeting with Your Supervisor: Try to learn the history of your department or projects.

Introduce Yourself to Coworkers: Start developing relationships with everyone. Being friendly demonstrates that you are approachable.

Meet with Other Departments: Discuss with your supervisor the possibility of getting a tour of the facility and meeting other people in your company that you may interact with. Knowing how other parts of the company work can help you in how you do your job.

Attend Meetings: Attending more meetings than you are required can teach you about the company and your co-workers, and can help get you up to speed on what is happening in your department and organization.

Take Notes: Write down as much as you can during meetings or after conversations. It may be helpful information to refer back to if you need clarification.

Your Well-Being:

Manage Your Time: You may be eager to volunteer for many projects. Keep in mind that completing one project above expectations is better than three that may not be up to standard.

Take a Lunch: You need to stay physically and mentally healthy to perform at your best ability. You may not be able to take time off when you’re sick within the first six months of employment.

Join the Club: If your office participates in after work activities, join them! It’s a great way to meet others and start fostering new relationships.

Need more help evaluating your offer or discussing your future plans? Make an appointment with a counselor or stop by during walk-in hours DCC 209: Mondays from 1–3 pm, Tuesdays from 2–4 pm, Wednesdays from 1–3 pm, Thursdays from 9–11 am, and Fridays from 10 am–noon.

Editor’s Note: “Student Life” is a column granted to the Office of Student Life by The Rensselaer Polytechnic’s editorial board.