Staff Editorial: Show spirit through service

We at The Poly have noticed that lately there has been a surprising energy on campus towards participating in service activities and raising awareness. This spring has been host to a wide variety of events, some of which have already passed, and some of which are in progress or yet to come. There are the monthly sponsored blood drives, of course, but there is also Relay for Life in the spring, Meanest Man on Campus, and events by Habitat for Humanity, among others.

For a campus that is often referred to as apathetic, what the student body does is resoundingly impressive. Relay for Life has raised around $500,000 over the past five years—that’s no small feat, and it is something we as a campus should take pride in. Circle K has flourished over the past years promoting service opportunities such as helping out at the local Animal Shelter. Every year, Genericon reaches out to hundreds of members of the outside community, providing a environment to share interests that may not be as popular in their home communities. These are just a few examples of what students have accomplished by volunteering.

It’s starting to look like we aren’t as apathetic as it seems. The students on our campus not only make these events possible but support them and keep them going strong. Even successfully organized events like Relay depend on the efforts of participating students who raise money and attend for no purpose other than to support those in need.

Energy may fluctuate, but The Poly hopes to see this enthusiasm on campus on a permanent basis. This past weekend, campus was bustling with fresh minds for Accepted Students Weekend. We saw current class members walking around, giving directions, and supporting those who will soon call RPI their home for the next four years. But why stop at Accepted Students Day? More of this open campus engagement and support would be great, something going beyond the keystone events of this campus and the occasional slackliner walking between two trees and giving instruction to those who are curious. We challenge you to share your experiences, volunteer your time, and open up a bit more, RPI. Only a warmer campus experience can come from it.