New videogame store opens in Troy

Past Time Legends opens up the franchise’s third store in downtown Troy

PAST TIME LEGENDS BOASTS an impressive selection of games from nearly every console produced and sold in the US, as well as the associate consoles and accessories for them.

Past Time Legends is a new video game store that opened up in our very own downtown Troy and, despite its location scaring me, it is a glorious place of worship for both capitalism and my people. It contains every console I can think of, and several that I forgot about but soon remembered. The store, located at 73 4th St. in downtown Troy, sells consoles and accessories for: The Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super NES, the Dreamcast, the Nintendo 64, the Sega Genesis, the Sega Saturn, and an Atari. This in addition to the more common fare for my year, the Xbox, the Xbox 360, the Playstation, in its first, second, and third incarnations, as well as Wii and Gamecube shenanigans. They sell extra controllers for all of the consoles, and they sell these crazy third party types of consoles that work on multiple old Sega game designs and things like that. It is legendary.

They also have arcade set-ups for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles side scrolling fighter, and Street Fighter 2 which, in the short time I was in the store, was already host to a crowd of people playing and competing.

I can offer no higher praise of this place than that its shelves hold up glory in all of its infinite variety. They have copies of games I used to play when I was a little kid, like Desert Strike for the SNES and Toejam and Earl for the Genesis. Then they have things I wish I had when I was little, like Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu edition, and Doom for the SNES in addition to many, many others. This store is very dangerous, in a way, as it make me want desperately to grab all my old consoles from back home and just spend paycheck after paycheck plumbing the glorious 8-64 bit depths of that by-gone era.

To stray from my usual verbose discourse, you all should really go check this place out. It’s from a very small local chain, which itself is a tremendous rarity these days. The folks that own it are nice and what’s more, they recognize RPI’s somewhat unique population, and that population’s proclivity for video games. Every Thursday they have a game night from 6-9 pm where they bring out PS3’s and the like and they are open to be played. If they have a decent amount of interest, they have also stated they might host tournaments.