Staff Editorial: Deadline watch

You may have heard that it’s never too early to start thinking about getting experience in the field. The Poly’s editorial staff would like to tell you that this is true. College may seem like it will last forever, but all of us—from the lowly undergraduate to the Ph.D student—will someday have to leave dear old RPI. In the meantime, there are many opportunities available through the Institute that The Poly strongly encourages you to take advantage of, before it really is too late.

You have one week to polish your résumé and break out your business attire, because the Center for Career and Professional Development’s Spring Career Fair is next Wednesday, February 8, from 11 am–4 pm in the Armory. Whether you’re looking for a full-time job, internship opportunities, co-ops, or just want to get experience networking with company representatives and alumni, the career fair is a great place to start. If you’re worried about preparing for the career fair, the CCPD has a number of resources on their website,

If suiting up isn’t your style, consider on-campus research. For those who don’t already have a research project, the Office of Undergraduate Education is offering a select number of projects and funding to undergraduates who want to conduct research under a faculty advisor over the summer break. If you think your work is worth $3,000, the deadline to apply is February 17.

Troy may or may not feel like home to you by now, but The Poly fully endorses traveling a little bit. Studying abroad is a great way to (quite literally) expand your horizons, and gives you a chance to experience another country’s take on your field of choice. Need proof? RPI hosts a number of exchange/international students every year, and they are an integral part of the Rensselaer community. Talk to your friends who have gone abroad or who may be from a different country than you, and ask for their experiences. The Office of International Programs will be holding information sessions on February 1, 2, 8, and 9, in Rensselaer Union room 3202 at 12:15 pm. The application deadline to study abroad in the fall semester is February 15.

Whether you’re planning on bringing that RPI pride to another country come August or not, muster up some school spirit for Saturday’s Big Red Freakout![. Take a night off from homework and stressing about your future to don cherry and white red and join in with the crowd of alumni and peers to support the men’s hockey team. It’s important to make the most of the academic opportunities available to you, but it’s also important to experience school traditions.