Speak up; PU wants to hear your comments

Family Weekend has passed, and the semester is whooshing by once again. That ring of excitement that has been in the air since the anticipation of the East Campus Athletic Village can finally tone down, at least for a moment. We’ve had a very festive fall, and with Halloween sneaking up, it looks like we still have a ways to go. Despite the rain this past Saturday, many students had the opportunity to share this past weekend with their families. The open doors of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center and ECAV were jaw-dropping facilities to show off to our parents, siblings, and friends.

When our campus comes together to provide the quantity and quality of events that went on this past weekend, despite all attempts by the weather, I have to admit that I am proud. I am proud of the great people we have helping us organize the weekend, I am proud of the students who put on events, I am proud of the campus on which we spend our time. RPI is unique, and for those who choose to accept it, it offers one of the most complete educational experiences around.

There are always some complaints, disputes, gripes, and problems. That is normal. If these issues are heard and they are considered, then there is progress. If these issues are addressed appropriately and they decrease in quantity, then there is progress. I believe that, for the most part, there has been progress lately. Even in my short time here, it seems that the complaints have decreased, and the opinion of the Institute by the students, and by the outside, has improved.

These perceptions are based on what I see, what I hear, and what I read. If you do not see the same progress I see, or if you think that problems from the past are still around, or if you think that complaints are not finding the right ears, let me know. Let the GM know. Let the administration know. Everybody involved wants to see improvement and progress. Everybody wants to see the students happy. Everybody wants the Institute to grow, to improve, and to provide an incredible experience for everyone involved.

As has been said before, there are many ways to communicate with the Union’s leadership. The administrative office is open regular business hours and is filled with great people who will help you with any problems. The Student Government Suite is also usually packed with interested, active, and involved students who will listen to you. Both the GM and I spend a good amount of time there, and we’re willing to hear you out and lead you in the right direction.

Finally, our committees exist to deal with problems in specific areas and to make real, tangible progress. They are led by motivated individuals, and I am sure that they will hear you too. For the Executive Board’s committees, simply log on to http://forum.union.rpi.edu/, find the proper board, and leave your input. Anybody with an RPI e-mail address can get involved and share his or her thoughts.