Be sure to participate in local government

This year is an off-year, which means that many people don’t go out and vote, though these may be some of the most important elections that deal with its citizens directly. This year is your city and county elections, your mayor, treasurer, secretary, etc.—like any well-run office or club —as well as your county legislature, executive, and judges. These are the officials you deal with on a daily basis; why not place more care into who is elected into these positions.

Local candidates also have to work much harder than state and federal candidates. State and federal candidates rarely go door to door, (how can they? It’s nearly impossible), while local candidates have to go door to door, meeting and greeting and asking support from everyone. There are also many issues that are taken for granted at the state and federal level. These issues are the same all over the country: infrastructure, sewage, water, economy, taxes, and accountability. Taxes and economy are just assumed to be handled at the state and federal levels, but how can a state control a cities economy or its property taxes?

I’m running for City Clerk in my hometown, and it really is an amazing experience that people should get involved with, even if it is just supporting your local candidates and lending a helping hand to their campaign. It is taken for granted that one needs good government in the local levels that look to hold their upper levels accountable for their actions. If we can start this year by creating strong governments all over the country locally, then we can use the next three years to start rebuilding our government to one that thinks about its citizens before they think about making money and paying others off.

Vote in your local and county elections this year, because they matter the most to how we run our lives on a daily basis. A better run government means better streets and economy, which translates into better living for you and your future.