Drive-in solves summer doldrums for students

Okay, so if you think there is nothing to do in Troy during the school year, imagine being up here in the summer. The question of what to do becomes more pressing when there are more hours of daylight and fewer classes. Given a desire to go off campus and eventual boredom with Hulu, I decided to venture forth and see what hidden treasures lay right down the hill. I ended up traveling a little further than down the hill, but much to my surprise I found a drive-in movie theatre. Hollywood Drive-in is in Averill Park, about 15 minutes away.

This little gem has managed to keep all its charm from its construction in 1952 while updating and streamlining the viewing experience. In years past, the poles that now denote parking spaces would have held speakers that would have clipped on the side of the car. But Hollywood doesn’t use speakers anymore. There is a radio frequency that allows patrons to listen to the movie over their cars radios, if the car is left in auxiliary. There is also more than enough space for cars: there are approximately 400 spaces, compared to the 250 when it was first opened, but like any theatre you might want to arrive early so you aren’t stuck parked behind a massive pick-up.

And in keeping with the times, the price of admission is fairly reasonable considering the price you could pay at an indoor movie theater, after tickets and refreshments. Admission is just $8 for adults and you can watch one or both of the movies that are shown for the night. The first movie airs around 8:00 pm, followed by an approximately fifteen minute long intermission, after which the next film starts. A specific pair of films will air for about a week, from Friday to the following Thursday, and then the line-up will change. For example, one week, two children’s movies, such as Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Disney’s G-Force were aired. This week, The Hangover and Final Destination will be shown. The staff keeps variety in their choices and tries to appeal to wide audiences. Also, as an added bonus, the popcorn boxes are randomly stuffed with free movie tickets and vouchers for concession stand items, and a variety of concessions offered.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of summer nights at the local drive-in: putting the back door of my mother’s SUV down and lounging around with comforters and pillows. It was a lot of fun to go with friends and just have a good time. My mom would clean popcorn out of the car for days afterwards, but we all had a great time. Taking a drive over to Averill Park is a nice chance to take a break from being an adult. For an hour and a half I took a break from responsibilities and don’t worry about bills or classes. I had a great time and I would recommend heading over to Hollywood Drive-in while the weather is still good; the price is more than reasonable, and it’s a chance to enjoy an old time favorite.