UC announces high hopes

Something has changed this semester and I’m sure you can feel it. It is not that the East Campus Athletic Village is nearing completion, nor is it that we now have streamlined our school mascot situation into simply, the Engineers—no more Puckman or Redhawks. No, the change you are feeling is the Undergraduate Council breathing new life.

As written in the Union Constitution, the Undergraduate Council is a body organized to represent the undergraduate body, unite, and support the four student councils, and serve as a forum for undergraduate student concerns. The UC is composed of two council members from each class council and a UC president. After the coming freshman election our numbers will be complete and we will be fully represented by our eight council members and the UC president. I am very much looking forward to leading this group as the newly elected president.

Unfortunately, in the past few years, the UC has had very little impact on campus and has not stood steadfast for those students it was designed to support. Discussions were even held in the Union on whether or not the UC was worth keeping on life support. Well, we survived this death panel and we are back this year with completely new members and a strong vision—call it a vengeance for lost time, even.

So we’ve spent the summer coming up with project ideas that we feel will best support our student constituents. I’d like to briefly highlight just a few of these projects. Class of 2013 welcome packet: We will be creating a literature package to be distributed to the newly elected council in order to generate a smooth transition into student government life. RPI men’s hockey Whiteout: We are working with Coach Seth Appert to bring back the Whiteout, a spirit event in which students wear white at a hockey game to show support. This event was not run last year. Leadership seminar for councils from the Archer Center for Student Leadership: Some of the class councils have expressed that they’ve had trouble delegating work and remaining structured throughout the year. Student Government formal: To bring together all branches of Student Government, we’d like to host a formal-type event. Student Government education area in Union: to increase Student Government transparency and student outreach, we’d like to set up a physical display area in the Union that is a one-stop-shop for all that is student government-related.

The UC looks forward to working for you this year. Any project ideas or general questions/concerns for the UC, please contact UC@rpi.edu.