DPS, Troy police recover two missing laptops

High school student who received stolen computers brought one back to campus for repairs

In a collaborative effort, the Department of Public Safety and the Troy Police have recovered two stolen laptops. The thefts were reported last April in two separate instances in the area of the Quad.

Lieutenant Joe Audino said that although the investigations are not done yet, Public Safety is confident that this is a step in the right direction.

At about 3 pm on December 5, while most students were preparing for final exams, two teenagers entered the computer store in the VCC and purchased an AC adapter and an Ethernet cable for a laptop.

The AC adapter was designed for the IBM 600E laptops, the model that was distributed to the sophomore class.

The next day at about the same time, the two teenagers brought the laptop with them when they wanted to return the Ethernet cable and an AC adapter for a refund.

Store manager Myra Williams told them that since the package was opened the merchandise could not be returned. One of the teenagers then explained that their reason for returning the cable and the adapter was because the laptop was not working.

Although the people at the store were getting suspicious, they directed them to the Rensselaer Computer Repair in the basement of the VCC.

At the RCR, one of the people looked at the laptop and suggested that the students leave it and come pick it up later. The older of the two claimed that he would prefer to take it somewhere else for repair.

“Several computer repair personnel were suspicious,” Audino said. The RCR person did more than look at the laptop, he also “copied down the serial number, as the person in question stated he wasn’t a student and bought the computer from a friend, used,” according to Audino.

As soon as the two left, the RCR people looked up the serial number and identified it as one of the stolen laptops that were loaned to a student.

From one of the many security cameras that are located in various places in the VCC, the Public Safety was able to obtain a very clear picture of the face of one of the suspects. Next, Public Safety was notified of what happened.

After further investigation and the involvement of the Troy Police, a suspect was questioned and two laptops were recovered. The suspect, a high school student, claimed that he traded a paintball gun for the two laptops.

“Charges are pending; however, the focus of the investigation is to use the information gathered to lead us to the person or persons who actually committed the burglary,” Audino said.