Committees enacted

As part of the execution of the directives outlined in The Rensselaer Plan, search committees have been created to fill positions in constellations in information technology and biotechnology.

The two search committees report directly to the provost, who is responsible for the coordination of their work.

According to Dr. Jackson, each includes a chair, a nucleus of faculty experts in respective relevant fields of study, additional external advisors, who can assist in bringing a national perspective on ideas, and a supplementary contacts network.

Members of the IT Constellation committee include Joseph Flaherty ( CSCI), chair; Selmer Bringsjord (PP&CS); Shiv Kalyanaraman (ECSE); Pawel Kebelinski (MS&E); James Modestino (ECSE); Saroj K. Navak (PHYS); Leo Schowalter (PHYS); Mark Shephard (CIVL); Michael Shur (ECSE); and Chuck Stewart (CSCI).

The external consultants to the committee are Larry Smarr, University of Illinois-Urbana, and Peter Freeman, Georgia Tech.

The Biotechnology search committee includes members Georges Belfort (CHME), chair; Chris Bystroff (BIOL); Wilfredo Colón (CHEM); Jonathan Dordick (CHME); Ivar Giaever (PHYS); David Isaacson (MATH); Jane Koretz (BIOL); Chip Lawrence (CSCI); Badri Roysam (ECSE); Richard Siegel (MS&E); Bob Spilker (BMED); Michael Zuker (MATH); Natacha Depaola (BMED);

External consultants to the committee are George Whitesides, Harvard University, Joshua Lederberg, Rockefeller University, and Marlene Belfort, New York State Health Department.

Art Sanderson, vice president for research, serves as an ex-officio member of both committees.