Editorial Notebook

An abrupt end to senior year

I did not realize that my classes on March 6 were the last I would ever experience on campus. In a matter of a few days, I lost the remainder of my last semester at Rensselaer to the novel coronavirus.

When I started at RPI as a freshman, I spent time finding the people I fit in with. And, over the next two years, I fine-tuned that list to include others I met. I joined the Society of Women Engineers, attended Indian Student Association events, and ultimately found a second home at The Polytechnic. This journey—one with many twists socially, academically, and mentally—has led me to today. I am two months away from finishing college and will not have the chance to do so in person.

So, thank you to anyone who has been a part of my time at RPI. Thank you to my friends—from the roommate I met on my first day here to the people I got to know this year—for making Troy feel like home. Thank you to my professors and to the computer science department. Honestly, thank you to anyone who has ever smiled or waved to me on campus. I will miss all of it.

In my final article as an editor on The Poly, I leave everyone with a reminder to let current college seniors grieve. We worked hard these past few years and may not have a commencement to show for it. While I completely agree with and understand the administration’s quick response, I ask that we have the time to process the sudden closure of our campus. I am certain that the members of the Class of 2020, like myself, were not ready to say goodbye to RPI or Troy so soon.

I sincerely hope everyone stays healthy during the next few weeks. If not for yourself, then for the sake of others, please stay home. To all the seniors graduating, good luck with your future plans. To the students returning to campus next year, please remember to cherish your time at RPI; you never know when it might just end.