Letter To The Editor

Jackson, Board of Trustees why I’m withholding donations

By Raymond J. Kim ‘98 September 12, 2018

I graduated from RPI with my master’s degree in 1998. Although I was only a graduate student at RPI, I nonetheless have many fond memories of the Institute; I met my wife there, I made scores of close friends, I have a degree that is taking me places that I’d never imagined, and I have developed an affinity for college hockey (as well as other RPI Engineer athletics). I have been attending RPI hockey games since I was a student, first as a member (and conductor) of the Pep Band, and many years thereafter as a season ticket holder.

I am discontinuing that support immediately. I have decided that RPI will not get a single dime from me as long as Shirley Jackson and the cronies she calls her Board of Trustees are in charge.

For the past several years, I have watched in horror as Shirley Jackson has driven the Institute into the ground with her questionable financial and administrative decisions, and alienating scores of students, alumni, and other institutions. I do not, and WILL not, support Shirley Ann Jackson. Until she steps down, RPI is dead to me.

I was on the fence about whether or not to renew my hockey season tickets. Shirley has made the decision for me. This is the last straw. I have had enough.

Raymond J. Kim, ‘98