Interested in E-Board? Applications are open

By Justin Etzine April 11, 2018

Hello, RPI!

My name is Justin Etzine, and I’m excited to be serving you as the 129th president of the Union! For those of you I have not yet been able to meet, I am a coterminal MBA student in the Lally School, where I am concentrating in Corporate Technological Entrepreneurship. For my undergraduate degree, I studied Computer Science and Information Technology and Web Science. I grew up in Hollywood, Florida, and I chose to attend RPI because of the quirky and remarkable peers I knew I would meet. I have been involved in Student Government since I arrived at RPI four years ago, and student interests have always been of paramount importance to me. I am very excited for the year ahead of us.

As the semester begins to wind down, Executive Board appointments are just getting started; today, I’m writing to you to encourage you to get involved with the E-Board. If you have an interest in finances and business management, the E-Board is for you. If you love our Union and want to give back to our current and future classmates, the E-Board is for you. If you want to get involved with Student Government, the E-Board is for you. If you believe in our Union’s remarkable history as student-run, the E-Board is certainly for you.

The E-Board is responsible for managing the business affairs and finances for the Union. This includes preparing the entire multimillion-dollar budget for the Union, overseeing club affairs and supporting their ability to thrive, making decisions on facilities and business matters, and managing the use of Union spaces, among other things. The E-Board also works very closely with the Union administrative staff, who are responsible for executing the day-to-day operations of the Union. The admin staff are phenomenal, and they often serve as mentors for us as we learn about the Union.

There are 17 positions on the E-Board open for application this semester, and an additional three will open in the fall for incoming freshmen and other students who may be interested. There are representatives specifically for each academic class, members of clubs and organizations, and general at-large members of the Union. Also, the Student Senate, the Undergraduate Council, and the Graduate Council appoint members from their respective constituencies. As described in the Club and Organizations Policies and Guidelines, “E-Board Representatives have the responsibility of representing each of their clubs’ interests to the E-Board, while at the same time representing the interests of all the students in the Union.”

The application will be open until Tuesday, April 17 at 11:59 pm, and interviews will be held on a rolling schedule for all applicants. When applying, be sure to talk about your interest in, and understanding of, the Union, along with any relevant experiences you may want to share. You do not need prior experience as a member of Student Government to be qualified for serving on the Executive Board!

The applications can be found online at If you have any questions or comments about the applications, or about the Union in general, please feel free to reach out to me at!