Online services to be partially reinstated

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 12. The Polytechnic’s website is hosted on Rensselaer servers, which were recently restored.

Some services dependent on Rensselaer servers will be partially reinstated, starting today. The Learning Management System (LMS) currently works for a limited timeframe. The Student Information System (SIS) only works on campus, and Rensselaer Webmail is not yet running.

An RPI Information Advisory was sent out yesterday afternoon, stating: “Thank you for your patience as we have worked to protect the Rensselaer community from a cyber-trespass against the Rensselaer computing environment.”

The announcement also added that “We are requiring the installation of enhanced security software onto all devices connected to the Rensselaer network. There will be additional steps required as well, such as password changes. We will be partially restoring access and services starting today and as we continue to move forward, as advised by the network information we continue to monitor.” The exact program to be installed has not yet been confirmed.

Updates will be sent to the RPI community as services continue to be reinstated.