June 2020

Town Meeting

Jackson outlines plan for return to campus

By Sarah Shiang June 28, 2020

In a Webex livestream, President Shirley Ann Jackson announced that the Class of 2023 will not be returning to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. Rensselaer’s plan for a phased return to campus is contingent on the Capital Region moving to Phase Four reopening.

Student Senate

51st Student Senate confirms student government appointments

By Sarah Shiang June 20, 2020

The 51st Student Senate confirmed 27 appointments to student government positions during a four-hour meeting last Thursday.


Pre-pandemic P/NC policy returns for Arch

By John Stotz June 6, 2020

A system-wide announcement posted to Rensselaer’s LMS site on Friday by Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Michael Hanna said the Institute is going back to “the normal rules” of the pass/no credit policy for the Summer semester.


The importance of Asian-American allyship

By Rachel Wang and Medhini Mankale June 4, 2020

Monday marked the end of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. As young Asian-Americans, we wanted to examine the role of Asians in America: how we came to this country, how we lived, and how we can move forward as a group, particularly in today’s social climate.