Team falls short of expectations

Loss after preseason victory

On Sunday, October 15, the women’s field hockey team competed against the Skidmore Thoroughbreds. Fans predicted that RPI would have defeated Skidmore after annihilating them in a scrimmage during preseason. Although they came very close to victory, the Thoroughbreds closed out the game with a 3–1 lead. In the first half, the Thoroughbreds quickly took a 2–0 lead. However, the Engineers wouldn’t surrender.

The RPI Engineers constantly put the Thoroughbreds on the defense. As a result, the Thoroughbreds led the game in fouls. In fact, throughout the game, RPI missed several opportunities to score off Skidmore’s excessive fouls.

After the Thoroughbreds took a swift 2–0 lead, the RPI offense sprang into action. Skidmore fouled and Mekayla Wakema ’18 missed a precious opportunity, hitting the ball too far right of the goal. Then, after a perfect assist, Skidmore’s ample defense prevented Mikaela DiBello ’18 from scoring five meters away from the goal. Then, after another foul, Christina Hanos ’20 missed an excellent longshot in the top right corner of the goal. Lastly, later in the first half, Dibello scored a superb goal after the ball ricocheted off a Thoroughbred. However, the referee called a foul and penalized the Engineers, which dismissed their goal. Nevertheless, Dibello returned with the ball and scored in the top left corner after Jena Dolinar ’19’s assist, making the score 2–1. Unfortunately, RPI did not score any more goals.

In the second half, RPI had a raging offense, and Skidmore was continually counterattacking. After a few foul plays, Skidmore took the ball, sprinted down the open defenseless field, and scored a last-minute goal on RPI, bringing the score to 3–1. The Engineers play against Union College at home on Friday and will play at Ithaca College on Sunday.