Mueller Center staff hiring recommended

On Thursday, October 12, President of the Union Matthew Rand ’19 opened the meeting of the Executive Board. Consideration of Statler and Waldorf’s request for new couches in their office was the first item on the agenda. Due to the recent renovations to the Union’s third floor, in accommodation for the new Student Veterans Lounge, S&W’s previous couches were thrown out due to their poor condition. S&W specifically requested couches instead of desks and chairs due to the size and shape of their office; the number of desks and chairs they would require wouldn’t be feasible. After discussion, a motion to approve the reallocation of $1582.40 from the Union’s facilities budget for the purchasing of two couches for S&W’s office passed, 15–2–1.

After S&W, President Bryan Johns ’19 and Business Manager Anastasia Feraco ’19 of the RPI Players came before the board with two requests. The first was for $149.255 to purchase scripts for the fall mainstage production of Arcadia. All of the licenses and materials for Arcadia were originally to be purchased last fiscal year. Due to an administrative error by the Union, only the rights were purchased. A motion to approve $147.25 from the club contingencies fund for the purchasing of scripts for Arcadia passed with a vote of 17–0–1.

The Players’ second request was for $1770 to purchase the license and materials for their spring musical A Little Night Music. Similarly to Arcadia, the license and materials for A Little Night Music were to be purchased last fiscal year. Due to another administrative error by the Union, the contract expired, and the rights were not purchased as scheduled. A motion to approve $1770 from the club contingencies fund for the spring musical passed 17–0–1.

Business Operations Committee Chair Kay Sun then mentioned that they have 14 projects in total, the two biggest of which are carpeting for the third floor of the Union and acquiring furniture for meeting rooms.

Director of the Mueller Center Steve Allard then gave the director’s report. He stated that on-campus interviews for Assistant Director for Student Activities are coming up, and that new equipment has been put in the Mueller Center. He also announced plans that the Mueller Center will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for students over the break. While this will be aimed primarily at international students, every student who pre-registers will be able to attend. When asked about using the McNeil Room instead of the Mueller Center, Allard stated that they would have to use Sodexo, and it would be seven times more expensive.

Rand then moved on to the president’s report. He outlined all the events happening for Reunion & Homecoming Weekend, including fireworks and cupcakes, and mentioned the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Student Veterans Lounge that will take place on November 8.

The Board then motioned to close the meeting, with a vote of 16–0–1. During the closed meeting, the E-Board passed a motion that read, “I move that the Rensselaer Union Executive Board approve the Executive Search Committee’s recommended candidate for the position ‘Assistant Director Mueller Center and Wellness,’ pending the approval from Human Resources and the Division of Student Life.” The vote was 11 in favor, and two against, with four abstentions.

The Executive Board meets Thursdays at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery of the Union.