Voting impacts students

Grand Marshal Week elections about more than mug

Another election is upon us, so the staff of The Polytechnic would like to take the opportunity to plug voter participation.

Before you go to the polls on Thursday, take some time to review the candidates. Yes, you could go into the polls blind and vote for the person at the top of the list, a funny name, or even write yourself in, just to get the mug. What does that accomplish? What does that do for you? For your fellow students? The outcome of these elections will influence the student experience for years to come.

Go onto the elections website,, and review the profiles of the people who you might vote for. Take some time to read over our GM Week issue, especially the endorsements on the back from the Editorial Board, Graduate Council, and Interfraternity Council, at Consider the merits of each candidate, and think about who has put time and effort into their platform and shows commitment to the direction you want student government and the Rensselaer Union to go in.

And please, don’t let voting be the end of your involvement. We have seen thousands of citizens energized by the 2016 presidential elections. Those people have become involved in politics at all levels, and we are better for it. Though student government’s purview is much, much smaller, don’t let that be a reason not to partake. Make sure that you know who represents your cohort, so that if an issue comes up you know who will voice your concerns. Take the next step, and participate in a student government committee. You don’t need to be an elected official to get things done! Democracy works best when its members participate. Consider putting some time in for the benefit of us all.