Ilori leads final Student Senate meeting as GM

SENATE DISCUSSES Student Government Communications Commitee bylaw changes and passes motion to investigate making the career fair an academic holiday. (file photo)

Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ‘17 opened the Student Senate meeting with committee reports. Those began with Rules & Elections Committee Chairperson David Raab ’19, who reported that elections were running well with no major issues. In order to receive a mug, students must vote in both the primaries and general student government elections.

Following Raab, Student Government Communications Chairperson Ellie Mees ‘18 announced that she anticipates future bylaw changes to the SGC and hopes to spark future discussion about the future of the committee. Following Mees, Facilities & Services Committee Chairperson Austin Miller ’17 stated that he met with Director Matthews as well as Vice President for Strategic Communications and External Relations Richie C. Hunter. Miller stated that the meeting “went well,” and that both Hunter and Matthews seemed “very receptive” to the idea of integrating Rensselaer Public Safety with social media.

Student Life Committee Chairperson Justin Etzine ’18 continued by stating that he had met with Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Travis Apgar along with Hunter Sanchez ’19, a representative of the Greek community, and Ilori to talk about the grade point average minimum for rising sophomores to live in Greek housing. In addition, Etzine met with an undisclosed pharmaceutical company representative. Etzine hopes that a prescription delivery service can be established as early as next year in which students with ongoing prescriptions or in need of on-demand medicine could submit an order and have it delivered to a central campus location.

Following Committee reports, Greek Senator Marvin Cosare ’18 delivered a constituent report in which he stated that an Institute-level committee is being formed to re-evaluate the 2.5 minimum grade point average requirement for rising sophomores to live in Greek commons. The requirement was temporarily suspended by Associate Dean of Greek Life Commons Meredith Bielaska.

Academic Affairs Chairperson Varun Rao ’18 continued to present a motion that would make the day of the career fair an academic holiday. According to benchmarking done by the Academic Affairs Committee, roughly 4,500 students, over 60 percent of the student body, attended the career fair in the fall and nearly 1,300, over 15 percent of the student body, attended in the spring. MIT, the only peer or aspirant institution with a similar career fair structure to RPI, has already implemented a similar policy. The motion passed in the Senate, 9-7-4.

Following the motion to make the day of the career fair an academic holiday, the counseling center recommendations passed 21-0-0. Additionally, reforms to the Student Government Communications Committee passed 21-0-0.