Further look into Mother’s renovation approved

The Executive Board opened its last meeting of President of the Union Chip Kirchner’s term on Thursday, March 30 with a full schedule ahead of them. First on their list was a presentation from Luke Kuprenas ’18 about the proposed future renovations of Mother’s Wine Emporium and the Games Room. Kuprenas displayed some of the suggested floor plans of the new space, which aim to make both spaces more usable.

Members of the E-Board asked for clarification of the motion regarding the space, which Joe Campo provided. “Right now, you’re voting on an idea. Do you want to do this and does it sound like a good idea,” explained Campo. Steve Allard added that this was for an approval of the concept, and that a professional architect would be brought in when the rooms are to be renovated.

Graduate students Jen Church and Nick Thompson both brought up concerns about the capacity of the space. Many Graduate Council events are held in the Games Room because of its high capacity and can be closed off with relative ease. Church and Thompson wanted to voice their concerns for later considerations.

The E-Board approved looking further into plans for the renovation of Mother’s and the Games Room 14-0-3.

Culinary Club came before the E-Board to seek recognition so that they can fundraise and host events. The group will be working with Tofu Tim in Russell Sage Dining Hall to put on the events. Cameron McLean said that because the club was previously active at RPI, there should be no liability issues that need to be dealt with. The club was recognized in a 19-0-0 vote.

Next, Seongmin Kim of Rensselaer’s division of the New York Historical Fencing Association came to the E-Board, also seeking recognition. The club focuses on historic European martial arts, including the broadsword, longsword, and warhammer. They currently practice on the lawn outside of the Armory, but would like to be able to reserve space.

Conrad Mossl ’17 asked about risk management, as, at first glance, it appeared to be a dangerous activity. Allard was able to answer the question, explaining that the club is “100 percent approved as long as they do not use metal.” Wood and plastic weapons are acceptable. The club was unanimously approved.

The last club to come before the Board was Chabad On Campus, seeking Rensselaer Union affiliation. Chabad On Campus is a Jewish cultural organization that has been operating at Rensselaer for around 35 years. The group wanted to received affiliated status so that they can reserve rooms and increase membership. It is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Judaism. Chabad on Campus’ affiliated status was approved by the Board 18-0-0.

Last on the E-Board’s agenda for the evening was a vehicle purchase proposal. The Union’s cargo vans and the truck for the crew team, all 15–20 years old, in need of replacement. After receiving a number of quotes, the E-Board unanimously approved the proposal to purchase two new cargo vans and a new truck for a total of $69,000.