President of the Union: Rasika Ekhalikar

The Polytechnic endorses Rasika Ekhalikar ’18 for President of the Union. Running the juggernaut that is the Rensselaer Union is no small task, with more than 200 clubs and millions of dollars to account for. Ekhalikar is the candidate we believe can manage the beast. She is well versed in the workings of the Union, both from her time as an Executive Board representative, and as the chairperson of the Business Operations Committee. This intimate knowledge of the Union and the skillset she has gained while serving on the E-Board will ensure the smooth operation of the Union in the year to come.

The Poly was impressed at the thoroughness of Ekhalikar’s platform. Of all the candidates for PU, we felt that she put the most time and preparation into her words. Her short term goal about encouraging horizontal communication between clubs was well received—the idea is not one we have seen suggested by candidates, but an idea that would greatly benefit the Union’s clubs. Additionally, we liked her thoughts on adapting the Union for the coming Summer Arch changes. Creating a committee of on-campus students to tackle summer projects is a positive first step to understanding how the Union will operate during the summer with only a small portion of the student body present.

Ekhalikar has presented herself as someone welcoming and approachable, a quality that we value in student leaders. In difficult situations, Ekhalikar has proven herself to be someone who truly listens to both sides of the story and understands the concerns of the parties involved. A student, club, or other group will not be scared to voice opinions.

The Editorial Board of The Polytechnic is confident that the Rensselaer Union will enjoy further prosperity should Ekhalikar be elected.