E-Board discusses new ambulance, Chromebooks

Just before break, the Executive Board met with RPI Ambulance, Rules & Elections, and RPI Experimental Music and Media. RPI Ambulance came before the E-Board to discuss plans for replacing their ambulance, which is four years past its seven year recommend lifetime. The club’s current reserves are set up to purchase another Ford E350 ambulance van, however, Ford has discontinued the model. Ambulance is looking at purchasing either a Type I or Type III vehicle. Type I and III are similar in that they are both boxes mounted on a chassis, with Type I being a truck chassis and Type III a van chassis. Type II, which is what Ambulance currently operates, is a van fitted with the necessary equipment.

The club is currently leaning toward the purchase of a Type I because of the medical portion’s ability to be remounted. Their current ambulance is only in need of replacement because of rising maintenance costs. While a new Type I ambulance would cost around $150,000, remounting the box onto a new chassis would only cost between $30,000–40,000.

RPI Ambulance currently has approximately $66,000 in reserves, and they estimate that their current van could be traded in for around $20,000 due to its low milage and good condition of the medical supplies.

The E-Board determined that Ambulance should come back at a later date with mechanical records of both the van and the chase vehicle used by the club, a list of benefits of the different types of ambulances, and a detailed plan for fundraising to purchase a new ambulance.

Rules & Elections came before the E-Board to discuss the purchase of Chromebooks for use in the Rensselaer Union. The proposal came up due to a mishap by R&E during Freshmen Elections last fall. R&E had rented laptops from the Voorhees Computing Center to use for electronic voting and neglected to return them on time, resulting in a large overdue fee. R&E would not be the ones to own these laptops. Instead, they would be available for rent in the Union. Union Business Administrator Martha McElligott noted that individuals have previously come into the administration office asking for laptops, so the laptops would get more use throughout the year than just for student government elections. The E-Board approved the proposal unanimously.

Finally, a new club came to the E-Board seeking to become Union recognized. The club is called RPI Experimental Music and Media. They focus on films and music of the “out there” genres. Between 15-20 people come to their meetings, where they enjoy pizza sponsored by the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences department and listen to music or watch films. The club wanted to be able to utilize meeting space within the Union and further grow its membership through becoming Union recognized. The E-Board continued to approve the recognition.