Be informed for GM Week

Hello again, RPI! This weekend, the Executive Board played the Student Senate in our annual game of broomball. Our team played hard and gave it our all, but in a year of unexpected upsets, we suffered a 3-0 defeat. Shout-out to the Student Senate for a game well played. Thank you to RPI TV for filming our game—you can stream it on their website if you want to watch an exciting amateur sports event. Thank you to everyone at the Field House and Mueller Center for helping us coordinate the game space and rent our equipment, and to Nate James, chairperson of the Judicial Board, for being our referee for the afternoon. Most of all, thank you to my team for supporting each other, playing hard, and enjoying themselves during the game.

Grand Marshal Week is fast approaching,as you can probably tell from the abundance of campaign posters across campus, and that means that in order to get your mug you’ll have to weigh in on who will fill the seats of our next Student Government. Impartiality of our elected student leaders is a proud and longstanding tradition at RPI, so I won’t comment on who I think you should vote for. Instead, I will remind everyone how much our student government can affect the lives of students on campus. It was not long ago that the Student Senate worked to bring Moe’s to campus, and now there is a line out the door every Monday night. It was only a few semesters ago when students didn’t have the ability to look up syllabuses from previous years to understand courses prior to registration. Today, after hard work from the Student Senate, students have access to a large repository of course syllabuses. On top of the hard work that the Student Senate does, most of the on-campus activities at RPI are, in some way, supported or funded through a branch of Student Government. So choose carefully, and consider what issues matter to you when voting during GM Week.

The Executive Board has a string of policies and decisions coming down the pipeline over the next week. We are working to update guidelines clubs use during budgeting, streamline our existing policies into a single document, and make final decisions regarding a Veterans Lounge, a new conference area, the purchase of new facilities equipment, and upgrades to some of the Union’s technology. As always, I will keep club officers and the campus community updated with any changes that occur from the Executive Board, and will ensure that any policies that directly affect clubs have an open review period for feedback.

Happy belated birthday, Tim!