BSA fashion show wows reviewer

THE BSA FASION SHOW EXPOSED students to new, atypical styles of clothing.

This past Saturday, the Union’s McNeil room played host to a fashion show held by Rensselaer’s very own Black Student Alliance. Called “Vanguards,” the show featured several local designers and many aspiring student models. Lasting two hours, the various fashion walks all correlated to a specific theme. One walk was formal themes, with men donning suits and overcoats while women showed off gowns and dresses of various materials and patterns. A different walk was themed on recycling. With the help of local designer Laura Andrighetti, models exhibited clothing that was created with reused fabrics and materials. Examples include an outfit whose top resembled a cloth net, a dress with a floral print reminiscent of either flour sacks or rolls of fabric, and a dress made out of a single sheet of flannel.

Yet another line was made up of couples who wore outfits complementing each other. Common themes included similar colors or similar aesthetics. For example, a guy and girl pair walked out wearing matching green pants and similar footwear, but with contrasting tops. Then, two girls modeling the nerd aesthetic walked out in high socks and overalls, arguing over a Nintendo 3DS. Yet another couple showed up in bathing attire, with the guy wearing a towel and swim trunks while the girl modeled a two-piece bikini.

During the intermission, to everyone’s surprise, members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity put on a dance routine, syncing up their movements to sharp whistles and pumping hip-hop music. The contrast between two of them wearing suits and one wearing streetwear was much appreciated by the audience.

Overall, this fashion show, being my first, left me with a good impression. I urge more people to go similar events, as they are clearly put on with much preparation and love.