Increased storage space, clarity, and performance all positives for new iPhone 7

Despite the removed headphone jack, this phone is an improvement over a heavily-used iPhone 6

This past weekend, my parents were very kind in taking me to get a new cell phone because the screen of my iPhone 6 had become quite damaged and it also had a very sparse amount of storage. My previous phone only had 16 gigabytes of space and now I have a vast 128 gigabytes. I also “upgraded” to an iPhone 7. I put upgraded in quotes here because the lack of a headphone jack has already proven to be a hassle, even though I’ve only had the phone for a day now.

Getting a new phone has such a nostalgic feeling. I remember holding my first cell phone that I got in 5th grade: a small, lime green LG Chocolate. At the time I remember how precious that phone was to me and how careful I was with it, and I get the same feeling every time I get a new phone. I find myself holding it so tightly to ensure I don’t drop it, constantly wiping fingerprints off of it, and never letting it out of sight. This time I’m trying to appreciate my new phone more.

With my new phone, I am just happy that I don’t have to think about running out of space with 128 gigabytes and enjoying the clarity of my new, unbroken screen. I am pretty excited to have the space to store videos and take clear photos. However, the iPhone 7 is almost exactly the same size as the iPhone 6 and yet there is no headphone jack, forcing me to use a small adapter to listen to music through the charging port. This is just incredibly inconvenient, because when I use my laptop, I must separate the headphones from the adapter and the adapter is so small that it can easily be lost. On top of that, the adapter looks very fragile and is easy to break. Overall, though, I am keeping positive and enjoying my new phone, especially in the first few days, while it is still fresh, new, and has immense storage. Despite these pros, living without a headphone jack has proven more inconvenient than I initially realized.