Highs, lows during weekend’s games

Women victorious over William Smith College, men stumble to Hobart College at home

JUNIOR POINT GUARD KATE GOODELL DEFENDS the net from Skidmore as her teamates cheer from the bench. (file photo)

The women’s basketball game against the William Smith College Herons was an exciting one, with the Engineers defeating their opponents 66–52 in the East Campus Athletic Arena. The crowd burst into cheers continually throughout the game, as sophomore guards Sam Krumbhaar and Elizabeth Eckhardt each scored 22 points.

For most of the first two quarters, the Engineers led against the Herons scoring 33 points over the Heron’s 22 points by halftime. In the first twenty minutes of the game, the Engineers scored five three-point shots while the Herons only made one out of eight attempted shots during the first quarter. In the third quarter, however, William Smith made a comeback with 17 points added to the score by six different scorers.

This left the Herons with a 39–38 lead towards the end of the third quarter. With only two minutes remaining in the period, Eckhardt scored a three point shot. Krumbhaar followed with a layup moments later, leaving the crowd cheering and the Engineers with a 43–39 lead over the Herons. Going into the fourth quarter, the Engineers were left with an advantage of 55–54 over the Herons with only a little over five minutes left.

Junior Shaina Iton, during this same time, caught 11 rebounds which allowed for two three-point shots as well as five blocks and a steal from the Herons. The women’s basketball team will be playing Vassar College away on Thursday and Bard College on Sunday at 2 pm in the East Campus Athletic Village.

Directly following the women’s basketball game, the men’s basketball team went up against Hobart College losing 60–77 at home. Freshman guard Tucker Lescoe scored 30 points throughout the game in 11 of 16 attempted shots. The Engineers, who were originally on a winning streak, fell to 12–11 and 6–8 in conference.

Lescoe began the game scoring five shots out eight which tallied up to 14 points within the first two periods of the game including three rebounds, three assists, and a steal. Halfway through the first, the Engineers led 20–13 but by midway through the 2nd the Engineers slipped to 45–60. The game ended with Hobart successful in nearly 59 percent of attempted shots on the Engineers and the Engineers less than 40 percent successful on all attempted shots. The men’s basketball team will be returning to play away against Vassar College on Friday and Bard College on Sunday at 4 pm in the East Campus Athletic Village.