Chillin with dinosaurs at Jurassic Parka

Maria’s Review:

This past Saturday, I attended my third Winter Carnival: Jurassic Parka. The weather was much more fitting for the event, with the temperature in the 30s, compared to last year with the sun out and the temperature in the 60s!

Many students and families of the Rensselaer community filled the heated tent outside on the East Campus Athletic Village concourse. Inside, members of UPAC hosted several carnival games, including cornhole and dart throwing. Several jazz ensembles played in the tent, and their music had me bopping to it, helping to keep me warm.

The annual sled dogs brought much attention, with many Rensselaer students amazed to see the beautiful pups. In the ECAV gymnasium, there were a few inflatables, and the newest Winter Carnival addition—a magnetic picture booth. Students held up funny accessories, including small signs saying “that’s what she said” and “turn up.”

The most flooded area was the entrance of ECAV, with sisters of Sigma Delta running the prize redemption tables. I redeemed 20 tickets for a pair of socks with the Jurassic Parka emblem on them. In my past two years, I’ve earned t-shirts; this year, however, the carnival games were harder, and it took longer to earn tickets.

New to this year, or at least a new event I took part in, was the scavenger hunt. With a team of three others, I ran around ECAV answering riddles, and for one particular challenge, we even had to make an event worker laugh before we could move on.

Overall, this year’s winter carnival resembled an actual winter carnival much better than the last, and I look forward to next year’s.

Serge’s Review:

This past weekend, I attended my first Winter Carnival, stylistically called Jurassic Parka. With a theme of dinosaurs on ice, I could not contain my excitement. But what I couldn’t contain more was my desire to sleep after a week of staying up late. This combo resulted in me waking up at 12:30, and arriving at ECAV at approximately 1 pm.

This meant that I missed a good portion of the prize handouts, and a good portion of the high stakes games. The games that were left were noticeably easier than what I had heard about, which made racking up 20 tickets for a blanket a piece of cake. Getting said blanket, however, was a task that proved to be impossible. When I got to the private table, they had run out of everything. Except socks, which went for a price of five tickets. Getting a pair of socks and losing 15 tickets to the Chromecast—which would have been a great addition to my room—proved to be sufficient for me, and I departed the carnival happy that I at least woke up for it. Next year, I’ll actually wake up in time to enjoy all of this unique RPI tradition.