Editorial Notebook

Avoid procrastination this semester

Ever since coming back to RPI following Winter Break, I’ve felt a sense of dread about going to class. My motivation has been slipping, and I haven’t felt any drive to do work until it is absolutely necessary. I’ve talked to a few other freshmen about this, and it seems to be a common thought. As I finished my first semester, I felt like I cleared some sort of monumental hurdle; a hurdle which made it ok to stop trying in school. However, as we progress further and further into this spring semester, I realize that this is not the case.

Without sounding too hypocritical, I implore my fellow freshmen to deviate from this type of thinking. It’s amazing that we all survived the first semester, no matter what our grades may be. But the fact remains that we cannot afford to slack off with the end so close in sight. We need to pull ourselves through this semester and finish our first year before we allow ourselves to slack off.

Personally, this means that I need to stop slacking off and getting so anxious about homework that I stop functioning. I need to stop staying up late watching YouTube videos of snippets of Netflix shows that I’m not caught up on. I need to stay away from the dangers of Hearthstone and Overwatch which siphon off my valuable time into achievements that I can’t turn in during class. I need to stop telling myself that I’ll remember to do homework and actually write reminders to myself so I don’t end up frantically doing Diff Eq at 2 am in the Burdett Avenue Residence Hall kitchenette. If any of these apply to you, then we’re on the same page here. We need to do better.

Doing better to me means staying on top of my game, and actually being a productive member of society. For the future, I’m going to actually do homework a few days in advance. I’m also looking into using Google Calendar, or a similar app, to budget my time so I always have a task in mind when going through my day. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’m going to start to get sleep.

That last point in something I feel like all of RPI could improve on. I’ve heard many people, from all different majors and walks of life, complain about how little sleep they are getting. The bio of one of my friend’s Instagram pages is “RPI class 2020 …is sleep mandatory?” It’s a stigma we can work together to get rid of. Instead of just accepting the fact that we won’t get sleep, I think we should actively fight it. But as to how, I have no idea.