Editorial Notebook

Residence hall activity unites students in exchange of ideas

Beginning the week of October 23, I was sitting around in the wonderful Cary Residence Hall. I was thinking, “let’s start something new for everyone who lives here.” Let’s make posters that ask a random question or prompt each week. Then we’ll tape it into the corner of where the girls’ wing meets the guys’ wing.

The first prompts that started this ongoing endeavor was “Cary 3: Write something good!!” and “What are you looking forward to this weekend?” That Sunday night, students flocked to the poster to write responses such as “You are unique and special in your own way. Just like everybody else”, “Maria’s pancakes didn’t kill me!!” and “I slept 1.2 hours.” These are only three responses out of dozens.

With the success of the first week came the second, “Update your status” poster. The three foot by three foot poster was flooded with purple, black, and silver metallic marker. The hysterical updates include someone writing “Just back from ND [Notre Dame]” and then changed to “Just got back from bondage.” Additionally, there have been many shoutouts to friends for doing good things, and even shoutouts for just being awesome!

The poster ideas are not just mine, but created by the residents of the hall. After I tape the poster up to the wall, I go around asking if anyone has any ideas; I get many great ideas, just like the idea to write this article!

“Who is your role model?” and “What are your goals this week?” are among the more serious poster topics. Many students had similar answers of passing calculus exams and sleeping more than three hours. With the written answers often come conversations around the poster. So many times when I have been quietly studying in the Cary study room, everybody busted out laughing at something written on the poster.

The energy and participation with this start-up project has continued to this week’s prompt of “Draw your favorite constellation,” which is on a yellow poster cut into the shape of a star. I take pride in the posters’ ability to brighten the vibe of the bland walls of Cary Hall.