Filling Union staff vacancies


Happy second week of the spring semester, and happy last second week of classes to all my seniors out there! There were a few things happening within the Executive Board over these past two weeks. First off, congrats to Caitlin Kennedy ’20 and Majken Rasmussen ’19 on being officially confirmed as Executive Board members by the Student Senate on Monday night! They will be filling two vacancies as members at large. After the vote on Monday night the Executive Board has returned to full strength.

On January 28, the Union will be hosting a club officer training summit with targeted training opportunities for club presidents and treasurers. Club presidents are recommended to attend the Bystander Intervention training program, a two-hour workshop to help students prevent drug and alcohol abuse and sexual assault. Bystander Intervention training is a required training for club presidents. By the end of the spring semester, all club presidents are required to undergo Bystander Intervention training. There will be several more training opportunities over the length of the semester. New club treasurers are recommended to attend the Financial Training workshop. Understanding the rules that govern finances and the policy the Union requires clubs to adhere to is essential for treasurers and the success of student organizations. The Executive Board and administrative staff try very hard to simplify rules that apply to club finance, but they can still be confusing for students who have never held an officer position before.

The Executive Board has also been working toward its goal of filling vacant positions in the Union. Over the past two weeks, the Executive Board has been interviewing for the position of Business Coordinator. As many students on campus are aware, the Rensselaer Union has three vacant positions on its administrative staff: Business Coordinator, Assistant Director of Student Activities, and Director of the Rensselaer Union. These positions are all essential to maintaining the Union and continuing to provide an incredible level of support for Union-funded clubs. For over a year, the Union has operated from a relatively disadvantaged position and has generally had two to three vacant positions concurrently. We, on the Executive Board, are very excited to complete the process of hiring a Business Coordinator and to continue the process of hiring a Director of the Union.

If you are interested in the Executive Board, our meetings are held Thursday nights at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery (room 3606 in the Rensselaer Union), and are open to the entire Rensselaer community. We also have several committees in focused areas: Business Operations, Policies, Marketing Advertising and Publicity, and Union Programs and Activities. These are all open committees, and we welcome the student body to come and participate. Email me at if interested, and I will direct you to the right contact for the committee and provide their meeting times this semester. Any questions regarding the Club Officer Training Summit scheduled for this weekend can be directed to me or Cameron McLean, the Director of Student Activities, at