Rave balances sing-alongs, head-banging

ARTISTS PERFORM, LIGHTS FLASH, AND CROWDS DANCE during the Gud Vibrations Tour late last year.

Not even home for 1 week from school, I attended the Gud Vibrations Tour at the Oakdale Dome in Wallingford, Connecticut, featuring Slander and NGHTMRE.

Two and a half months earlier, I went to the Safe in Sound Festival at the same location. In my previous review of the Festival, I wrote, “Would I go back to a festival like this again in the future? Perhaps. I would like to go to one in which the artists play a majority of songs with lyrics that people can sing along to, whereas with this Safe in Sound Festival it happened only a few times.” My wish was granted at the Gud Vibrations Tour, in which the choice in music was more of what I looked forward to—songs to sing along to in between head-banging songs.

For example, I enjoyed when both NGHTMRE and Slander played “Promises” by Nero featuring Skrillex that led into their original banging music. This transition was very much unexpected yet enjoyable as it escalated the enthusiasm in the crowd. Overall, these transitions and drops throughout the entire night were phenomenal.

Even “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses” by the Chainsmokers were played that evening. After reviewing videos I have from both the Gud Vibrations Tour and the Chainsmokers concert held in the Spring 2016 semester, believe it or not, “Roses” at the Gud Vibrations Tour was much better overall because NGHTMRE and Slander played only a very quick glimpse of it and had much better lighting, mostly due to the venue. Even though the DJ duo asked the crowd to sing with them at the concert held at RPI, the crowd at the Gud Vibrations Tour didn’t need a reminder to sing along-it was just natural. Additionally, at both concerts I recall listening to older hits; however, two that stuck out at the Gud Vibrations Tour were “Yeah!” by Usher and “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Again, the crowd at the Oakdale made the Tour more invigorating than the Chainsmokers concert.

The Gud Vibrations Tour marked the end of my EDM year of 2016. I’m looking forward to the upcoming UPAC concert in a few months, as well as any more raves that may come my way!