Trump movement successful for a reason

Federal government, Cabinet appointments moving towards much needed reconstruction

With the outcome of the Presidential election decided almost three weeks ago, President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet is beginning to take shape. Through these picks, I am happy to see Trump is not reneging on his campaign promises to bring sweeping changes to the federal government. He is taking great care in choosing highly-experienced, well-respected individuals for Cabinet positions without regard for any personal opinions.

Trump’s candidacy was not a campaign to elect another bureaucrat to the White House. Rather, it was a movement of forgotten citizens across this great nation who are disgusted with the corruption, the incompetence, and the failures of the federal government. Small businesses, heavy industry, factory workers, and millions of Americans had been left in crisis as government regulations and exorbitant taxes crippled their livelihoods and shipped their jobs overseas. Progressive laws and a crushing bureaucracy have stifled economic growth in America over the last decade. Trump voters understood that only through comprehensive reform of our entire government, now known as “draining the swamp,” would America even have a chance to break the ubiquitous hold of bureaucracy over our country and help our economy grow.

Not only were Trump voters fed up with the government’s failures, but they were also fed up with the treatment of our Constitution. The Constitution and its amendments were designed to be the supreme law of the land, with eloquent language describing government’s roles and powers, and the rights of the people. Yet modern politicians, bureaucrats, and officials across the spectrum of authority in our nation have undermined its purposes through unconstitutional executive orders, laws severely restricting our right to bear arms, and interpretations of the law that have no basis in the Constitution. In “draining the swamp,” Trump has stated his support of a constitutional amendment to place term limits on all members of Congress. This will end the reign of the “career politician” and bring fresh ideas to Washington. Conservatives and patriots have been waiting years for someone to protect the Constitution and our rights from abuses of power. Trump voters know that President Trump will fully uphold his Oath of Office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The Trump movement was successful because a majority of Americans are tired with where our country is headed. Voters wanted a political outsider, free of corruption and suspicion, who will answer the call of the American people to be our next President of the United States of America.

Dalton Slegel

CHEG ’20