Student employees see wage increase

EXECUTIVE BOARD CLUB REPRESENTATIVES FACE budgeting in the upcoming weeks.

Members of the UPAC Lights and Sound committee presented a wage increase plan for their technicians. Currently, they are paid $10 per hour. The minimum wage value in New York is $9 per hour. They are paid slightly over the minimum wage because members of the UPAC Lights and Sound committee are trained technicians. However, the technicians of UPAC Lights and Sound have been making $10 per hour since $5 per hour was the average minimum wage.

Now, the New York state average hourly minimum wage is set to increase to $9.70 at the end of December and to increase 70 cents each year. By the end of 2020, the average minimum wage will be $12.50, which is the value that UPAC Lights and Sound are looking to increase their wage to. Members of the E-Board noted that they would be increasing their wage to minimum wage. It was also noted that UPAC Lights and Sound heavily impact clubs across campus, and a drastic increase in their wage would affect their budgets. The motion to increase the hourly wage of the UPAC Lights and Sound technicians to $12.50 starting next year passed.

Matthew Rand ’19 presented the last of the New Club Classifications policy document alterations to the E-Board. In this latest change, the definition of what a club is was made more clear. The E-Board unanimously passed the motion that allows this change.

A new committee focusing on issues related to student employment and the Rensselaer Union was created. The purpose of the committee is to gather student feedback which will be used and reviewed by Associate Director Joe Campo who oversees student employment in the Union. Issues to focus on would include whether or not students have filled out tax forms, whether or not students are being treated equally and is the student work environment satisfactory. President of the Union Chip Kirchner ’17 appointed a chairman.

Kirchner announced a plan to advertise somewhere in the Union RPI’s student veteran association. The purpose of this goal is to create a space for veterans associated with RPI to get involved.

The meeting of Thursday, November 17 marks the final official meeting of the Executive Board for the Fall 2016 semester. Until the end of the semester, members of the E-Board will be working diligently to finalize club budgets. They will resume their meetings next year.

For students interested in the functions and operations of the Union, feel free to attend an E-Board meeting, which have historically been held in the Shelnutt Gallery, on Thursdays at 8 pm.