Shoutout to my friends for keeping me sane

Well here we are, the last two weeks of the semester. For the next couple of weeks, we all have term projects, tests, papers, presentations, and, of course, finals, to look forward to. The upcoming weeks will feel like an eternity. This is not an uncommon feeling, but this feeling hits home at RPI more than at other colleges. RPI pushes its students with such a rigorous academic curriculum with incredibly challenging classes that may not necessarily be well taught. This puts extra pressure on us, especially at this time of the year, as this semester comes to an end.

As my third semester at RPI comes to a close, I find myself with three tests, three projects, and a presentation during the last week of classes, and I am extremely overwhelmed. However, I find some comfort in knowing that many other students understand and are facing similar ordeals, and that we can all help each other during this rough time. This is something I have always appreciated throughout my time at RPI. Other students are so kind and are always willing to offer help if I am struggling. It is a refreshing change from the competitive environment of other college campuses.

With the upcoming two weeks, I just want to remind the student body that no matter what upheavals you have over these next few weeks from projects to final exams, we can all look forward to the holiday season and four weeks of winter break. Do not forget that these next few weeks will not be easy for anyone, and remain positive as you have made it through a majority of this semester and only have the home stretch left.