Campus Event

Crossdressing monarchy takes RPI main-stage

ARTIST PACIFICA RIM PERFORMS as a part of the Rensselaer Pride Alliance drag show. The event hosted numerous gender-bending acts, including student performances.

On Friday, November 11, the Rensselaer Pride Alliance hosted their annual Drag Show. This event was held in the West Hall auditorium. As students shuffled into the first few rows, clad in rainbow colored and glitter covered garb, music blasted through the speakers, setting the mood for a good time.

The red curtains parted and there before the crowd were two sassy and well-dressed queens. Melissa Capri, a lively blonde, enchanted the crowd with her spunky attitude and straightforward behavior. Pacifica Rim, a suave brunette with a smoky voice, seduced the audience with her breathy asides. Unfortunately, they were the only two performers that night. Fortunately for us, they were an absolute treat.

Melissa and Pacifica performed Broadway favorites, from old show tunes to Rent, all provocative and entertaining. Melissa wowed with her cartwheels and splits, surprising and pleasing the audience. She often came down to those present to interact. She claims that it was to stall for time while Pacifica was getting dressed. The two often worked on their feet to provide entertainment between their separate performances. While waiting for Pacifica, Melissa lead students onto the stage for the “Electric Slide.”

Speaking of student performances, during intermission, junior queens graced the stage with their own performance. Three RPI students danced in drag to Lady Gaga’s “Government Hooker” with a storytelling choreography.

The night proved to be an overall success for RPA and the illustrious Melissa and Pacifica. Be sure to catch it next year!