Director of Archer Center honored

Linda Teitelman McCloskey retires after 30 years with Rensselaer

This past Wednesday marked the retirement reception for Linda Teitelman McCloskey, founding director of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development and 30 year veteran at Rensselaer. Prior to her role in the Archer Center, she served as Associate Director of Student Activities.

McCloskey’s many contributions to Rensselaer usher themselves in the professional leadership development and personal impact McCloskey had on many members of the Rensselaer community. This is reflected best in the size of the audience, ranging from students to faculty members, that came to celebrate her retirement and the legacy she leaves behind in the form of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development.

The Archer Center, formerly known as Center for Student Leadership Development, has roots in the Rensselaer Union and originally served to provide students with leadership education outside the classroom for the benefit of Rensselaer students and faculty. In 1989, McCloskey became director of the Center, later renamed the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development in 1992. She took on a profound role in re-shaping the future of the Archer Center to include innovative programs that continue to impact the campus community.

Since its founding, the Archer Center has been an invaluable outlet to Rensselaer students and serves “an important role in helping Rensselaer students make the transition from the classroom to the next phases of their lives.” This comes in the form of adventure-based initiatives, corporate training techniques, emotional intelligence, and ethical decision making training offered through custom-designed workshops for student organizations.

Currently, the Archer Center also teaches a required course sequence in the Lally School of Management and a required Professional Development course sequence in the School of Engineering intended to educate students in essential skills needed to succeed in future leadership positions as Rensselaer alumni. These contributions, largely, were culminated under McCloskey’s leadership.

In addition, McCloskey was the recipient of the 2015 NASPA Region II Outstanding Contribution to Student Leadership Award in recognition of her dedication to the campus community and work to improve Student Life on campus.

In an open letter addressed to the Rensselaer community, Dr. Frank E. Ross, vice president for Student Life, remarked on Linda’s retirement, stating “Linda’s time at Rensselaer is marked by a strong commitment to students and their leadership education. During Linda’s tenure, the Archer Center developed and enhanced a number of innovative and collaborative experiences for students, including the Professional Leadership Program, Leadership Educators Advising Peers, and Leadership House.”

Finally, he elaborated on the fact that the campus community should join him in thanking Linda for her achievements and extend best wishes to her in retirement.