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Millennials aren’t the only ones affected by technology

Many years ago, we used to rely upon rotary phones to make phone calls to loved ones and VHS tapes to watch our favorite movies. Chances are, many of us don’t remember all of these old technologies. As technology advanced, electronic systems became smaller and more powerful with the ability to do things that were inconceivable many years prior. Now, it seems that we can almost do anything with modern-day technology.

Technology makes our daily lives easier. From the time we wake up, technology is a constant presence in our lives. It controls many aspects of us, ranging from our social circle to the way we learn in school. From the 18th to the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution changed the course of history. New machines were invented to make production of goods easier, and more time progressed, new technologies were invented. Around the mid-1900s, the first computers were becoming more present and TVs were becoming more popular. Soon enough, these technologies have become normal parts of our daily lives.

However, as these technologies tend to help us, they also seem to hurt us as well. As I walk around campus, I see many people walking around and looking down at their phones or other devices. I have read stories of many people putting themselves in dangerous situations by losing concentration while on these devices, too busy being involved with whatever is on their screen. Using your phone while driving seems to be an epidemic that cannot be resolved. It now seems that, whenever you drive, you see someone who is on their phone, not paying attention to the road. Technology has put a great amount of stress in our lives as well. We are constantly checking our phones or computers for updates. Even when we aren’t expecting anything new, we still check social media, messages, or emails to make sure we are up to date with everything in our lives. These habits can stress people out because they are compelled to know everything. Privacy has become an issue as well. Now, it seems that whatever we do online has a direct effect in our daily lives.

As I conclude, I would like to reiterate that technology has both positive and negative effects in our lives. We have grown to rely upon technology to make our lives easier. We often see the positives of technology but find that the negatives are harder. To notice the way we use technology is up to us; it can be a powerful tool to help many, but it can also harm others. We must be responsible while using it to make sure that, when we go to sleep at night, we know that we have a positive influence on others.